New Features: Call Routing 2.0, Intelligent Alert Grouping, Call Logs, and More

Daria Yankevich
May 31, 2024
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We're excited to share the latest enhancements to the ilert incident management platform! We’d be delighted to receive your feedback on these new features, so feel free to message us at Additionally, you can always leave feature requests on our open roadmap.

Call Flows: The Easiest Way to Set up Your Call Routing

We're thrilled to introduce a significant update to the Call Routing add-on! With our new call flow builder, you can create custom call flows effortlessly. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes the configuration process a breeze, allowing you to set up command sequences and devise multiple scenarios for various users by adding new branches to your flow. This update also brings a host of new features to enhance your call routing experience. 

  • PIN codes. You can ask callers for a secret code before they are connected with agents, adding an extra layer of security to your call routing.
  • Multi-level IVR menus. Add depth to your callers' journey by incorporating several IVR menus, offering more choices and directions.
  • Multi-language call flows. Cater to a global audience by allowing callers to select the language for their interactions with your call routing system.

If you are a new ilert user, you can check out call flow capabilities even without purchasing an add-on. Just go to the Call routing section and navigate to Call flows. 

If you are using the first version of call routing, don't worry; this update won't affect your settings. You can continue using the old call routing and create new flows, but note that one phone number should be used either for the legacy or the 2.0 version. You cannot use the same number for both versions. We highly recommend recreating old setups within the new builder, as it will provide more customization and control.

Call Logs: Get a Detailed View of Your Users' Interactions with Call Flows

Has the call reached the target? Did a caller use the correct PIN? How many ongoing calls do you have? The overview and analysis of all incoming calls are now transparent and clear. Call logs provide detailed records of all incoming calls, helping in monitoring the performance of the call routing system. Stay tuned! We are also up to introducing reports based on the call logs to simplify incident examination and resource allocation for you.  

Intelligent Alert Grouping (Beta)

One more step to reduce alert noise and avoid alert fatigue! Try out ilert AI for alert grouping. This feature enables you to combine similar alerts into one based on alert content similarity. You can adjust the similarity threshold and determine how alike alerts must be before they are considered duplicates. To do so, play around with the slider and see a preview below of how alerts are clustered. Adjusting this threshold helps you balance between catching all potential duplicates and avoiding false positives. Additionally, you can clarify a grouping window—a time frame based on which ilert AI should assess whether to group the alerts or not. This time frame is extended every time a new alert is added to the group. Currently, this feature is available for all ilert users for free and will become part of a new add-on in the future.

Event Filter (Beta)

An additional advanced feature now available for testing at no extra cost is the Event Filter. By enabling this setting, you can accept events that meet your specified conditions. You can filter events by timestamps, count, or select specific event properties. Additionally, you can use code view to adjust the filters. Events that don't meet your conditions will be dropped but will remain visible in the Event Explorer. You can now find this new feature in the Alert source settings.

More Capabilities to Fine-tune Status Pages to Your Needs

Subscribe to preferred services. Your stakeholders and users can further adjust their status page subscriptions. Now, they can choose specific services and receive notifications only for those services.

Send automatic double-opt-in reminders. GDPR requires confirming email subscription twice, and it's easy to miss a confirmation email in a cluttered inbox. To ensure that your subscribers get the opt-in emails, we have introduced automatic reminders. The emails are sent after 24 hours, three days, and one week until a user confirms the subscription.

Provide access to private status pages via whitelisted domains. We have introduced one more option to access closed status pages. Choose email addresses or domains, and your visitors will only need to follow the magic link sent by email. There is no need to have dedicated ilert accounts for status page subscribers. This feature will be convenient for MSPs and ISVs who need frictionless access for their customers.

Free status page for Professional and Premium plans. Try out public status pages absolutely for free. Since the recent update, all ilert plans are equipped with a free public status page without a subscriber function.  

Simplified Alert Actions

Set automatic incident workflows without hassle by using our new wizard. Simply connect your chat tools or ITSM solutions with ilert and automate the steps for quicker resolution. Whether you establish a Zoom chat, send a new Zendesk ticket, or update your status page, you can easily set triggers and speed up the overall incident response.

New alert actions view

Minor but Anticipated Improvements

  • Account owners now have easy access to all subscription details, including add-on usage and limits, like SMS sent and status pages activated. 
  • Take a look at the new incident timeline. The new design enhances clarity and navigability, allowing users to track incident progress more effectively.
  • A search field is introduced for incident templates to speed up navigation if you have many.
  • Postmortems are now available in German! If you use ilert in this language and the input is in German, the postmortem will also be in German.
  • N-able N-central integration is updated. You can now test notifications from the N-central interface. Additionally, we added ncentralURI and probeURI to alert links.
  • ilert Android and Apple apps now work even faster! Additionally, live updates for incidents are available on mobile as well.
  • A Microsoft Teams shortcut for creating alerts has been introduced.

New Integrations for Seamless Connection with your Tech Stack

We strive to keep our integration catalog up to date and add the most relevant products to meet your needs. With the latest release, you will find seven new solutions among alert sources!

HaloPSA. A comprehensive platform designed for professional service automation, offering tools for project management, time tracking, billing, and client management. It is a popular solution among IT service providers, MSPs, and other service-based businesses seeking to streamline operations and improve efficiency. The integration helps to turn HaloPSA's tickets into alerts and start the incident resolution process in no time. 

HaloITSM. Another service from the Halo suite is built for IT departments and MSPs. It is an IT service management platform that provides tools for problem management, change management, and asset management. Users connect HaloITSM with ilert to turn tickets into alerts within ilert and to get notified via SMS, phone calls, and push notifications. 

4me. An enterprise service management platform designed to streamline collaboration between internal and external service providers, offering features for request management, change management, and service level management. The integration with ilert is handy for IT departments and helps to turn 4me's Requests and Problems into actionable alerts. This combination makes it easier to keep all business departments in the loop and resolve incidents faster.

InfluxDB. A time-series database designed for high-performance handling of metrics and events, providing efficient storage, retrieval, and analysis of time-stamped data. This integration gains popularity among developers, DevOps engineers, and data analysts who need to monitor systems, analyze performance metrics, manage large volumes of time-series data, and escalate alerts to avoid missing critical issues. 

Kibana. A well-known data visualization and exploration tool that works with Elasticsearch, providing interactive charts, graphs, and dashboards to analyze and monitor data in real-time. Kibana is chosen by data analysts, IT administrators, and business users who need to visualize, explore, and understand large datasets for operational intelligence and decision-making. The connection of Kibana with ilert helps to stay updated in real-time on any critical fluctuations. 

Honeycomb. An observability platform that helps engineers understand, debug, and improve complex systems by providing deep insights into system behavior and performance. Its audience primarily consists of software engineers, DevOps teams, and site reliability engineers (SREs) who need detailed, real-time data to diagnose issues, optimize system performance, and ensure reliability. The ilert and Honeycomb integration uses Honeycomb Triggers to create SMS, push, and voice notifications and ensures your on-call teams are alerted immediately to improve incident response time.

VictoriaMetrics. A high-performance time-series database and monitoring solution optimized for large-scale data ingestion, storage, and querying. It's a choice of developers, DevOps engineers, and data analysts who require a scalable platform to handle vast amounts of time-series data for monitoring and analytical purposes. Teams align their VictoriaMetrics monitoring with ilert responsive alerting system to improve incident management and speed up the response time. 

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