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Enhance incident communication and streamline post-mortem creation with ilert Al. ilert AI helps your business to respond faster to incidents.

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Our Al commitment

At ilert, we’re not just utilizing AI – we’re dedicated to advancing its impact on incident management. We believe in the transformative power of generative AI and are committed to pioneering its application throughout the incident response lifecycle.

We pledge to:

  • Continuously explore how generative AI can streamline and improve every stage of incident response.
  • Harness not only the capabilities of OpenAI’s API but also integrate open-source technologies, leveraging the power of diverse AI advancements to build custom models designed to be used during incident response lifecycle.
  • Prioritize your privacy in every step. We’re developing the most privacy-preserving solutions that make responding to incidents easier without compromising the confidentiality of your data and operations.

This commitment reflects our forward-thinking approach and our promise to deliver the most innovative, efficient and secure incident management solutions.

Status updates in no time

Effective communication is crucial for rapid incident response. We use generative AI to enhance the precision and promptness of incident communications. ilert AI, trained to comprehend your system and incident nature, delivers clear, timely updates during incidents. You can focus on incident resolution as our AI expertly handles the task of drafting effective communications. By determining the relevant services and their impact level, our AI ensures professionalism and boosts your team’s efficiency.

AI-assisted post-mortem creation

Post-incident reviews or post-mortems are an essential part of incident management, allowing teams to reflect and learn from incidents to prevent future occurrences. However, creating comprehensive post-mortem reports can be a time-consuming task.

That’s where ilert’s AI steps in. In combination with our ChatOps features, our AI gathers all the relevant information from the incident chat channel and the alert timeline. It then synthesizes and structures this information into a thorough, yet concise post-mortem document, automatically.

Our goal is to make the post-mortem process less burdensome and more insightful for your teams, leaving you with more time to focus on implementing the improvements identified in the post-mortem process. Our AI-enabled post-mortem reports are just another way ilert leverages AI to simplify incident management for your team.

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