Add on-call schedules, SMS, and voice alerting to PRTG Network Monitor with ilert

PRTG is an on-premise and cloud-based network monitoring solution and helps users to monitor devices, network traffic, applications. ilert’s PRTG integration will automatically create alerts in ilert from PRTG alerts. That way, you'll never have to worry about missing a critical alert again. You're also able to create on-call schedules and escalation rules so that when something goes wrong (and it always does), the right person will be notified. With on-call scheduling, automatic escalation, and multiple channels for alerting through voice calls, Slack or SMS messaging – ilert’s PRTG integration means incident management just got even easier!

Never miss a critical alert from PRTG Network Monitor again

Actionable Alerting

Get notified on multiple channels such as SMS, voice calls, push and Slack and set custom notification rules based on the priority of an alert.

On-call scheduling

ilert offers a flexible scheduling solution that lets you create rotation-based recurring schedules, and static schedules with a calendar like UI.

Alert & on-call analytics

Advanced reporting capabilities give on-call teams insights into all-things on-call and report key metrics like MTTA, MTTR, Time on-call and Time spent on alerts.

Status pages

Establish trust and relay incidents swiftly using status pages integrated with your infrastructure.

How it works



PRTG Network Monitor

with ilert and send alerts to ilert. See our

integration guide

for instructions.


ilert notifies the right people via SMS, push, and voice calls based on-call schedules and notification preferences.


Responders acknowledge the alert, inform stakeholders and take actions towards resolution.

Expand your incident communication and connect PRTG Network Monitor with these apps using ilert's outbound integrations

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