ilert is on a mission to help companies increase their uptime and deliver a seamless digital experience.

Alerting & On-call Management
Call Routing
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Our Aproach

We believe that businesses should have a single system to dispatch alerts to the right people and to manage uptime across all their digital services.

ilert’s uptime platform - which includes alerting, on-call management and status pages - helps companies around the world to respond to incidents faster and increase their uptime.

With the whole world online all the time, service uptime for digital services is more important ever.
Our unique workspace

Blending tradition and technology: our office in a former church in vibrant Cologne, Germany.

Behind the scenes

Discover the pulse of daily life at ilert.

We’re 100% committed to our product, solving a critical issue for businesses that offer round-the-clock services. Our diverse team collaborates within the unique ambiance of a former church, where history meets innovation, inspiring us to design solutions that keep the world always on. As we enhance digital experiences, we're seeking passionate, talented individuals to join our team. We're hiring!
The genesis of ilert

Meet Birol, Christian & Roman – the founders of ilert!

ilert's inception dates back to 2009, during Birol's master's thesis project. Initially focused on context-aware notification services, Birol soon discovered that the sheer complexity of alerting systems presented a formidable challenge, even before considering contextual information.

Fast forward to Birol's tenure at REWE digital, where he teamed up with Christian and Roman. As they managed 24/7 platform services for the REWE group, they experienced the limitations of existing on-call management solutions firsthand, most of which relied on complex combinations of spreadsheets, PBX systems or SMS gateways, and cumbersome alerting processes.

Recognizing the need for a simpler, more effective approach, the trio decided to leverage their shared experiences and insights. They envisioned a streamlined service that didn't require telecommunications equipment and could integrate seamlessly with existing monitoring tools. Thus, ilert was born - a solution that has since redefined how businesses handle alerts and incident response across their digital services.

Loved by startups, trusted by enterprises.

From small and medium sized business to large enterprises. ilert helps companies across the globe from all industries to respond to incidents faster.

Join our Team!

We work in a hybrid model with our headquarters in the heart of Cologne, Germany. ilert is built by a team of people with diverse backgrounds who genuinely love working together. Help us to make the world of digital services always available and build a product companies love to use.

Brand Assets

Brand assets that you can use, e.g. if you have a built an integration with ilert for your product or would like to write an article about us. You can include our logo on your website, in your product, or in printed material.

The colours and shape of the logo should not be modified, and there should be a space around the logo of at least 150% the size of the logo.

The color version of the logo should be used on light backgrounds, while the white logo should only be used on dark or vibrant backgrounds.
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