iLert is on a mission to help companies increase their uptime and deliver a seamless digital experience.

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We believe that businesses should have a single system to dispatch alerts to the right people and to manage uptime across all their digital services.
iLert’s uptime platform - which includes alerting, on-call management, uptime monitoring, and very soon status pages - helps companies around the world to respond to incidents faster and increase their uptime.

With the whole world online all the time, service uptime for digital services is more important ever.

The Founders

iLert started as a master’s thesis project in 2009. Birol, iLert’s CEO and co-founder, set out to develop a context-aware and centralized notification service, which automatically delivers alerts from different applications to the person who can best resolve the issue. While a major part of the thesis was how to incorporate contextual information when deciding whom to alert for a specific incident, Birol quickly discovered that the general problem of alerting anyone already involved a great deal complexity, let alone using contextual information such as skills or workload.
Companies solved this problem by building inhouse solutions using some combination of spreadsheets for on-call management, a PBX system or SMS gateway for alerting and a dedicated mobile device for the on-call person, which is handed over to the next on-call person between shifts.
Birol saw an opportunity and decided to build a service that provides a simple solution for this problem: one that didn’t require any telecommunications equipment and worked well with existing monitoring tools. Along the way, Birol partnered up with two of his former colleagues, Christian Fröhlingsdorf and Roman Frey, to help him create iLert.

Loved by startups, trusted by enterprises.

From small and medium sized business to large enterprises. iLert helps companies across the globe from all industries to respond to incidents faster.

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We're a remote first company with our headquarters in the heart of Cologne, Germany. iLert is built by a team of people with diverse backgrounds who genuinely love working together. Help us to make the world of digital services always available and build a product companies love to use.
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