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REWE Digital

Watch how REWE increases uptime and manages on-call duty for their large micro-service landscape using ilert.

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About REWE Digital

REWE Digital is a pioneer in the Digital Retail space, offering a wide range of services. With a complex digital landscape, managing incidents efficiently is key to delivering a smooth customer experience.



Nr. of Employees:

1,001-5,000 employees

Years using ilert:

4 years

The Challenge

REWE Digital operates various products, including grocery delivery and pickup services, a marketplace, and food fulfillment centers across Germany. Any issues with their infrastructure or micro-service landscape could result in delays and disruptions for customers. Managing dozens of on-call teams in such a complex environment is challenging. The teams at REWE needed a solution that could alert the right team promptly, streamline the incident response process, and minimize disruptions.

The Solution

After considering various providers and previously working with a few, REWE Digital decided to implement ilert to manage their on-call teams efficiently.

Winning points:

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Great Support
  • Ease of Setup

ilert provided the following:

  • On-call Management: ilert facilitated the accurate and timely alerting of the appropriate on-call personnel. It allowed to create on-call schedules and automate escalations, ensuring that the right person was alerted at the right time.
  • Reliable Alerting: ilert sent urgent incident notifications through phone calls, SMS, and push notifications, eliminating the need to log in to a separate platform. One-click acknowledgment simplified the incident response process, enabling quick resolution.
  • Call Routing Hotline: ilert allowed REWE Digital to route incoming calls using the same on-call schedules and escalations used for alerts. This ensured immediate access to the on-call team during critical situations.

The Results

The implementation of ilert brought significant results for REWE Digital:

  • Faster Incident Resolution: With ilert, REWE Digital experienced faster incident resolution times. The streamlined alerting and on-call management processes facilitated prompt response and minimized downtime.
  • Fewer Disruptions: By optimizing the incident response process, REWE Digital reduced disruptions to their services. Through proactive management and efficient escalation, they were able to prevent potential customer impact.
  • Enhance Digital Experience: ilert empowered REWE Digital to deliver a seamless digital experience to their customers. By promptly addressing incidents, REWE Digital ensured that customers could experience uninterrupted delivery services.
ilert gives our teams the confidence that we will react in time.

Robert Zores

CTO REWE Digital

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