Zabbix Integration

Birol Yildiz
February 16, 2018
Table of Contents:

We’re happy to announce our new Zabbix integration. Zabbix is a mature enterprise-class open source monitoring solution for network monitoring and application monitoring.

You can now take advantage of iLert’s advanced two-way alerting and on-call scheduling capabilities. Our integration syncs problems, acknowledgements and recovery operations from Zabbix to iLert.

See our Zabbix integration guide for detailed instructions on how to integrate Zabbix with iLert.

What Zabbix versions does iLert support?

iLert support Zabbix 2.2 or newer. The integration guide is written using screenshots from Zabbix 3.4, but can be easily adapted to older versions as well.

Are incidents automatically resolved in iLert?

Yes, once a problem is recovered in Zabbix, the corresponding incident in iLert is resolved automatically.

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