Release notes: Incident Reports, SSO, Auto Raise Priority, New Integrations

Birol Yildiz
April 7, 2020
Table of Contents:

Incident Reporting

We’re extending iLert’s reporting capabilities with detailed incidents reports, including:

  • Key metrics such as mean time to acknowledge (MTTA) and mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Ability to report by alert source source or escalation policy and filter by incident priority
  • Report sharing

Advanced reporting is included in our Professional plan and above.

Single Sign On

Single sign on makes it easy to manage access to your iLert account using an identity provider of your choice. Currently we’re supporting

  1. Google G Suite via OAuth and
  2. Any SAML compliant identity provider, such Okta, OneLogin, Microsoft ADFS

You can also configure your SSO settings to automatically provision new users on their first login. Google SSO is included in our Professional plan, and SAML based SSO is available on our Premium plan.

Automatically raise incident priority

Last month, we introduced support hours giving you the option use different notification rules based on the time of the day. We now have an option to automatically raise the incident priority when support hours begin. That way, you can delay notifications and escalations until support hours start.

New integrations

We’ve added the following new integrations

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