Introducing Status Pages

Birol Yildiz
May 24, 2022
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We are super excited to announce a major milestone in our company history.

10 years ago, iLert started with a simple mission: help companies to increase their uptime and deliver a seamless digital experience. Every feature in iLert is built to help you to respond to critical alerts faster and increase your uptime. The very first version of iLert provided our customers a frictionless way to turn any alert from any monitoring tool into an SMS or phone call with the ability to acknowledge an alert by replying to an SMS or pressing a digit during a phone call, no hardware required. Throughout the years we have added:

  • On-call Scheduling: distribute on-call across multiple shoulders and ensure 24x7 coverage with iLert's on-call schedules.
  • Call Routing: reach the right on-call responder immediately by calling a phone number.
  • Uptime Monitoring: monitor your entire online presence and get alerted instantly if any of your sites are down.
  • Advanced Reporting: report key metrics such as MTTA, MTTR and On-call time
  • Incident Communication: internal incident communication across the company
  • 100+ Integrations

And today, we are adding Status Pages. After conducting a closed beta for 2 months, we are now ready to release this feature to all our customers. Status pages help you build trust and communicate incidents to your users.

iLert Status Pages comes with all common features that you'd expect from status pages, including:

  • Custom domains (with automatic SSL support)
  • Custom logo and favicon
  • Subscribe by email, RSS and SMS
  • Incident templates
  • Services and uptime percentage
  • Status page widget

Because the iLert Uptime Platform is designed from the ground up as a single application, we have a few additional features that are unique to iLert and benefit from our integrated platform.

With iLert status pages, you can

  • update a status page right from the place where you discover that there is an issue: the alert
  • automate your incident communication by connecting your alert sources to services from your status page
  • host private status pages on your own domain and provide access to all employees and stakeholders in your company, at no additional charge.

Watch the videos below to learn more about each of the above features.

Update a status pages from an alert

Connect your status page with your monitoring tools

Host private status pages on your own domain

What's next for Status Pages?

Status Pages are now generally available and can be purchased as an add-on on all plans. Visit our pricing page for a comparison of available features per plan. In the upcoming months, we will add more features, among others:

  • Support for maintenance windows
  • Support for custom CSS
  • Embedding custom metrics
  • Grouping of services
  • Subscriber notifications via Microsoft Teams and Slack

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