New features + new CI: Metrics, Status Page Widget, PandoraFMS, Automation rules, Alert report export

Birol Yildiz
November 16, 2022
Table of Contents:

This post highlights some of the features and improvements that we have released in the last month. If you want to submit your own ideas or vote on existing feature requests, you can now use our new public roadmap at


  • Metrics
  • Status page embed widget 
  • Status page automation via alert actions
  • PandoraFMS Integration
  • HCP Consul
  • CSV/PDF Export for alert report
  • Terraform provider update
  • Other improvements


We are super proud to announce our latest major feature to increase your overall transparency - metrics.

Go beyond uptime status and include metrics in your status pages to give more insights into the health of your services. Provide high-level information about how well your services are performing and embed metrics directly into your status pages. 

Submit your own data using our API or use 3rd party data sources, such as Datadog and Prometheus.

Read more: Documentation

Status Page Embed Widget

Communicate incidents to your users right where they are using your services, on your website or web app. Use our new status page widget to show any ongoing incidents or scheduled maintenance. 

This is how it works:

  1. Generate an embed code in the settings of your status page.
  2. Choose the position of the floating widget on your site and customize colors
  3. Past the embed code in your website

The widget will only be visible whenever there is an ongoing incident or scheduled maintenance and will be hidden if all services are operating normally.

Status Page Automation via Alert Actions

We have moved Service Automation Rules to Alert Actions. You can now automate updating your status page through alert actions. This gives you more flexibility, as you can update multiple services from a single alert and use powerful features such as conditional execution or manual trigger mode.

For more information, go to our documentation.

New integration: PandoraFMS

You now can connect your PandoraFMS monitoring suite to get alerts via ilert.

Check out our documentation for detailed instructions on how to connect your PandoraFMS with ilert:

HCP Consul

ilert is now a verified integration with HCP Consul. Read more about it in our HCP Consul blog post.

CSV/PDF Export for alert report

Need to show the latest reports to your management or discuss the details of your alert history within your team? Now you can easily export your latest alert reports as CSV and PDF.

New Logo

We are very proud that, in addition to the numerous new features, we are also taking a step forward visually. With our new logo we want to express what ilert is - A young ambitious and modern start-up. You will notice some visual changes in our platform, apps and on the website. We hope you like it as much as we do.

Other improvements

  • Terraform provider update: Our Terraform provider has been updated to support escalation rules with multiple responders
  • Our Backstage plugin now supports embedding status pages and services
  • Automation rules: We now support conditional execution of service automation rules and mapping automations from alert source to multiple service.
  • Integration with Microsoft SCOM: you can now create alerts in ilert from Microsoft SCOM
  • Integration with Twilio Alarms: you can now create alerts in ilert from Twilio alarms

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