ilert is now a verified integration with HCP Consul

Marko Simon
October 10, 2022
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More than 16 months ago we provided a solution to integrate HashiCorp Consul with our alerting and on-call management platform by using consul-alerts - a dedicated application that allows for communication between a deployed Consul instance and an existing ilert account.

With more code infrastructure being moved to the cloud to ensure better security and availability, we too have ensured that our service integrates with the HashiCorp Cloud Platform (HCP). The latest release, v1.1.0, of consul-alerts is now officially certified by HashiCorp to support HCP Consul.

What is HCP Consul?

HashiCorp has established the HashiCorp cloud platform (HCP),featuring the deployment of many of their products as a fully-managed service on a chosen cloud solution. 

With HashiCorp Consul providing a foundation for cloud networking automation by connecting and securing services across any runtime platform and cloud, HCP Consul elevates their existing solution to a fully-managed service for Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure. Being able to ensure secure service networking and providing a service mesh for workloads makes HCP Consul an easy and quick solution to make your service reliable and provide availability around the clock.

What is ilert?

ilert is the Uptime platform for operations teams and helps companies to respond to incidents faster and increase their uptime. ilert’s SaaS solution lets you manage on-call, respond to incidents and communicate them via status pages using a single application. 

How does consul-alerts work?

consul-alerts forwards critical events from (HCP) Consul to ilert. The key functionality is to receive an error event from Consul, or rather from a service connected to Consul, monitor the outage and convert this event to an alert in ilert. 

With ilert supporting HCP Consul, customers can benefit from increased uptime through fast response time to incidents. We are delighted to welcome ilert to HCP Consul’s integration ecosystem.

- said Asvin Ramesh,  Senior Director, Alliances HashiCorp.

In the example above, a client deployed a service in a container, which is contained in a Kubernetes cluster. Furthermore, an instance of a consul-alerts client was created within this cluster, too. When Consul detects a failed health check, an event is sent to consul-alerts with all the necessary info for consul-alerts to create an alert out of it. In ilert itself the alert can further contact the current users on-call and execute alert actions, if set. To know more about installing and deploying consul-alerts in depth, please visit the consul-alerts documentation.

Why should I use HCP Consul with ilert?

With Hashicorp’s enterprise solution to secure service networking, ilert closes the gap between the initial outage and the operation teams. consul-alerts completes the integration between Consul and your ilert account, resulting in faster response times and less downtime. 

Learn more about our HashiCorp integrations at our partner page.

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