Turn tickets into actionable alerts with ilert integration for HaloPSA and HaloITSM

Daria Yankevich
March 27, 2024
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At ilert, we are dedicated to providing an effortless, seamless connection between our incident management platform and other popular tools that empower teams to excel in operations. We're excited to introduce two new integrations from the Halo suite: HaloITSM and HaloPSA.

What is HaloPSA?

HaloPSA is a comprehensive professional services automation platform that streamlines and optimizes the operations of IT service management and helpdesk teams. It features an extensive range of tools, including ticketing, asset management, customer relationship management, and project management, all integrated into a single, centralized system. HaloPSA aims to enhance IT service delivery efficiency and effectiveness by automating routine tasks, facilitating communication and collaboration among team members, and providing detailed analytics and reporting tools. With its customizable workflows and scalable architecture, it serves the diverse needs of IT professionals and organizations, enabling them to deliver outstanding service quality and achieve higher customer satisfaction.

What is HaloITSM?

HaloITSM is a comprehensive IT service management solution designed to support and streamline IT service operations. It's tailored to align with ITIL best practices, enabling organizations to manage IT services and support their IT infrastructure efficiently.

The key difference between HaloITSM and HaloPSA lies in their primary focus and scope. While HaloITSM is centered around IT service management, focusing on delivering IT services according to ITIL standards, HaloPSA offers a broader solution, integrating ITSM capabilities with additional tools for project management, billing, and CRM. HaloPSA is designed for IT service providers and MSPs who need a unified platform to manage not only IT services but also other aspects of their business operations. In essence, HaloITSM specializes in optimizing IT service delivery, whereas HaloPSA provides a more comprehensive suite of tools to manage IT services and broader business processes.

How does ilert integration for HaloITSM and HaloPSA work?

The integration of ilert with HaloITSM and HaloPSA enhances operational efficiency and improves service quality. By automating the transfer of critical incident information, teams can reduce response times, minimize manual errors, and ensure a consistent, coordinated approach to incident management. This synergy not only helps to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction but also strengthens the overall resilience of IT services against disruptions.

By utilizing ilert integration for HaloPSA and HaloITSM, users can:

  • Notify team members about issues via various channels, including SMS, voice calls, and push notifications, and escalate them until the problem is proactively acknowledged
  • Communicate incidents to stakeholders and clients via status pages
  • Utilize AI features for faster incident response
  • Use rich ilert ChatOps capabilities to manage incidents right from Microsoft Teams or Slack

Proceed with ilert integration for HaloPSA

Proceed with ilert integration for HaloITSM

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