New Features: Custom Hold Music for Call Routing, Conditional Alert Actions, Company-wide Private Status Pages, MFA

Birol Yildiz
June 27, 2022
Table of Contents:

This post highlights some of the features and improvements that we have released in the last 3 months. If you want to submit your own ideas or vote on existing feature requests, you can now use our new public roadmap at

Status Pages Updates

A few weeks ago, we have made Status Pages generally available. In the meantime we have released the following improvements to Status Pages:

Update incident history

You can now update the history of an incident or delete incidents entirely from your status page. This is useful if you made a typo or published an incident by accident.

Improved HTML Email Templates

We have improved the design of our email templates and now include the logo of your status page.

Support for incidents and status pages in our mobile apps

Our mobile apps now include new resources such as incidents, services and status pages. For now, you can only view incidents and subscribe to services. In the next release, you will be able to create / update incidents and publish them to your status page.

Company-wide private status pages

We made it easier to make private status pages accessible to all employees in your company. Because our Premium plan includes unlimited stakeholder users, you can simply publish and distribute the link to your status page within your company. In combination with SSO and auto provisioning, your users will be able to authenticate using their SSO credentials and view the status page, without you having to create them in advance. Make sure to check the option below in the status page settings:

Conditional execution of alert actions

iLert's alert actions feature lets you trigger actions in external systems, e.g. post a message in Slack or create a ticket in ServiceNow. You can now define conditions to execute an alert action. A few scenarios where this is useful:

  • You want to post only high priority alerts in Slack
  • Your alert source routes alerts to many escalation policies and you want create an alert action that only posts your team's alerts to your team's Slack channel
  • You want to execute a Lambda function for alerts that contain a specific word

We have also made it easier to create the same alert action for multiple alert sources at once. You can now duplicate an alert action and copy it to multiple alert sources in a single step.

Call Routing - upload your own hold music and greeting

You can now further customize the calling experience for your callers and reflect your own brand by uploading custom audio files for the greeting message, the hold music and the leave a voicemail prompt.

You can find more information on how to upload custom audio files in the call routing documentation. Additionally, we have added support for the Italian language.

Other improvements

  • We have added week numbers in on-call schedules
  • We have improved the localized experience across the user interface. You'll find a region setting in your profile. We'll use your region to localize dates, times and calendars.
  • Our mobile apps take your user shift color into account
  • We have added two-factor authentication.
  • We have improved the onboarding experience for new customers.
  • We have improved the overall performance and continue to monitor performance of our apps and web interface. Customers with thousands of users benefit the most from our recent performance improvements.


New integrations

Updated integrations

  • Sentry inbound integration now supports alert metric events
  • Autotask inbound integration  now supports new web url attribute for ticket links in iLert alerts
  • SignalFX inbound integration better supports alert detail extraction
  • IXON Cloud inbound integration supports dynamic policy routing

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