Introducing iLert Slack Integration

Birol Yildiz
June 1, 2019
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We’re very excited to introduce one of the most requested features: integration with Slack! This is our first outbound integration and our most sophisticated integration, yet. You can now receive alert notifications from iLert in any Slack channel and respond to incidents inside Slack.

Configuring the integration is easy, too! Simply authorize your iLert account with a Slack workspace. Note that you need to be the account owner for this. The authorization process will add an iLert Slack bot to your workspace. Now you’re done. You can add any alert source to your Slack channel by using the Slash command /ilert, as illustrated by the animation below:


What’s Next?

This marks an important milestone, as this is our first outbound integration, where we’ve built a scalable foundation for more outbound integrations to come. Our next outbound integration will be JIRA, followed by Webhooks, which lets you build your own custom outbound integrations.


Can I connect multiple Slack Workspaces with an iLert account?

No, only one Slack Workspace can be linked to an iLert account.

Are incident updates posted in Slack?

Yes, the following updates to an incident are currently being posted:

  • Escalations: An incident is assigned to another user through an automatic escalation.
  • Manual Assignments: An incident is manually assigned to someone.
  • Actions: An incident is accepted or resolved.

Can I choose which updates to an incident will be posted in Slack?

Currently not. However, we plan to make this configurable per alert source.

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