New Features: On-call Reports, On-call Reminder, Terraform Provider, Zapier Integration

Birol Yildiz
December 1, 2020
Table of Contents:

On-call reports

We’re proud to introduce our latest addition to iLert’s advanced reporting capabilities. On-call reports give on-call engineers and managers insights into all-things on-call and report three metrics:

  • Time on-call: The amount of time a user is on-call. On-call time for a user is recorded if
  • the user is part of an on-call schedule AND
  • the schedule is used in an escalation policy AND
  • the escalation policy is used in an alert source.
  • Number of incidents: The number of incidents a user was involved in during her time on-call. Acknowledging an incidents counts as involvement.
  • Time spent on incident: the amount of time a user has spent on the resolution of incidents during her on-call time. The time between acknowledging and resolving an incident is counted toward this metric.

The data can be filtered by data range and schedules. If a user is on two or more schedules at the same time, that time is counted once.

This information can be used in various ways. To name a few examples:

  • Use time on-call report make sure that workload is distributed equally across the team
  • HR departments use these reports along with the CSV export option to compensate on-call time.
  • The “shifts by day” view can be used to distinguish between holidays and regular days.
  • The “time spent in incident” metric can be used to distinguish between on-call time with no incidents and time spent on incidents during on-call

Updated notification reports

We’ve updated our notification to report to match the style and capabilities of our other advanced reports.

Now you can select the users, filter by date range, and have a beautiful graph that is shareable and can be exported as CSV and PDF.

On-call reminder notifications

You can now have iLert remind you via SMS, push and email before any of your on-call shifts begin.

Automation with Terraform

We’ve recently launched a Terraform provider for iLert. You can now provision iLert resources with Terraform and manage your iLert configuration in code. This blog post from our engineering blogs walks you through an example using Grafana and iLert to setup an automated metrics alert which will trigger phone call alerts during support hours.

International caller IDs for voice alerts

We’ve changed our caller IDs for voice alerts to match the target country code for the following countries:

  • USA and Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • Germany

Every time iLert calls you, we use a number from the target country where possible. As always, our caller IDs rarely change, so you’re able to recognize that the call is from iLert. By saving our phone numbers in your address book, you can configure your phone to let calls from iLert bypass DND mode.

See this page for an overview of all our phone numbers (including SMS).

New and updated integrations

New integrations

Updated integrations:

  • Email integration: email deduplication now also works for email threads
  • Pingdom integration: incidents created by Pingdom now include a backlink to Pingdom

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