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Basic alerting and uptime monitoring for small teams, up to 5 users

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Top features:

50 SMS or voice notifications

Email and push notifications


5 uptime monitors per user


Advanced alerting and on-call management for growing teams

per user per month

Starter plus:

Unlimited SMS & voice notifications

On-call schedules

Outbound integrations

Google SSO

Advanced reporting

Call routing (5 per user)


Incident management and visibility across the company

per user per month

Professional plus:

SSO (SAML, Okta, ...)

Stakeholder communication

Unlimited stakeholders

Call routing

10 uptime monitors per user

Phone support


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Professional plus:

Hosted in your cloud

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Basic alerting and uptime monitoring for individuals.

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Alerts and notifications
iOS / Android push notifications ?

Get notified about incidents via push notifications using our mobile apps. Notifications are actionable, so you can acknowledge an incident without opening our app, even from your Apple Watch.

Email notifications ?

Email notifications about triggered incident and incident updates. iLert also lets you acknowledge, escalate or resolve incidents via personalized one-click links in email notifications. No need to login into our app.

SMS / voice notifications ?

Worldwide bi-directional SMS & voice notifications. Acknowledge incidents by replying to an SMS or by pressing a number during a voice notification. For many countries, our SMS messages are sent from a local number.

50 per userUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Priority based notification rules ?

Define notification rules based on the priority of an incident. This lets you use more obtrusive alerting methods for incidents that require immediate attention and less obtrusive methods for the ones that don’t.

Maintenance windows ?

Temporarily disable one or multiple alert sources for a set period of time. An alert source with an ongoing maintenance will not create any incidents.

Support hours ?

Dynamically classify incident priority based on support hours that you can define per alert source.

On-call management and escalations
Escalations ?

Escalation policies connect your alert sources with your team members and define whom to notify in case of an incident.

On-call schedules ?

Define on-call schedules with or without rotations. Teams can manage their schedules on their own and change shifts using our mobile app.

Call routing ?

Reach the right on-call responder immediately by calling a phone number. Calls will be routed using the same escalation policies and on-call schedules that you use four your alert sources.

5 per user
Monitoring / inbound integrations ?

Use our inbound integrations to integrate your monitoring or ticketing tools with iLert. Inbound integrations create, acknowledge, or resolve incidents in iLert.

Chatops integrations ?

iLert integrates with various messaging and collaboration tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams.

ITSM integrations ?

iLert integrates with various incident management and ticketing tools such as JIRA, ServiceNow, or Zendesk.

SMS alert sources ?

Send alerts to iLert via SMS without requiring a working internet connection. This is useful in situations where you want to get alerted if your internet connection is down or in environments, where you don’t have an internet connection, at all.

10 per source10 per source10 per source
Uptime monitoring
Uptime & response time monitoring ?

Monitor uptime and response time using various check types, such as HTTP, TCP and UDP checks and get alerted if any of your sites are down.

Public uptime reports ?

Shareable, interactive uptime and response time reports for your web sites

Advanced check types ?

Further check types, such as ICMP ping.

Number of monitors ?

The number of uptime monitors that you can create depend on the number of seats you purchase.

# of users x 5# of users x 5# of users x 10
Check interval ?

The interval determines how often an uptime monitor checks your site for its availability and response time.

5 minutes1 minute1 minute1 minute
Custom timeout ?

The timeout threshold after which your site is considered down, if its response takes longer than the timeout. You can set it to as low as 1 second on the Professional plan and above.

(30 seconds)
Advanced reporting ?

Get detailed information about key metrics such as MTTA and MTTR

Single sign on ?

Manage your users and their credentials using any SAML-compliant identity provider, such as Okta or OneLogin.

Google SSOSAML, Okta, OneLogin, ...SAML, Okta, OneLogin, ...
Stakeholder communication ?

Keep business stakeholders in-the loop about ongoing incidents without hassle and interrupting your workflow.

Support ?

We’ll get back to you within minutes

Email & chat Email & chat Phone, email & chat Phone, email & chat


Frequently Asked Questions

During our trial period, you get access to our full set of features at no costs. No credit card required.

Anyone who has access to your iLert account, can receive alerts or is part of an escalation policy is billed as a user.

We currently offer payment by SEPA direct debit and credit card. Contact us if you want to pay via invoice.

iLert is a fully managed software-as-a-service solution. All you need is an internet connection and a modern browser (such as Firefox or Chrome).

You can integrate as many monitoring tools as you want at no additional charges.

The quota in the starter package is a hard monthly limit. If you reach the limit, you will not receive any SMS or voice notifications until the limit is reset in the next month.