Never miss issues from Graylog and respond to incidents faster with ilert integration

Graylog, a robust open-source log management platform, excels in centralized log management by collecting, sorting, and analyzing log data from a variety of sources. It's designed to provide high-level visibility over data with tools like targeted search, real-time alerts, and comprehensive reporting. Moreover, Graylog is scalable and adaptable to various IT environments, making it suitable for organizations of all sizes. Integrating ilert with Graylog allows organizations to quickly identify and address issues, thereby enhancing operational efficiency. Ilert's seamless integration with Graylog ensures users receive critical alerts through phone calls, SMS, push notifications, and other channels. This integration offers essential tools for rapid incident response and significantly helps in reducing MTTR.

Graylog and Voice Call

Get a call on your phone whenever there's an issue and accept alerts with one click.

Graylog and Android or iOS Push Notifications

Use ilert apps to receive alerts on your smartwatch and be notified even when your phone is in Sleep Mode. You can acknowledge alerts with just one tap.

Multi-Channel Alerting

Graylog and SMS

In many countries, ilert text messages are sent from local numbers. Just reply to SMS to take over the alert.

Graylog and Chat Tools

Send alerts to Microsoft Teams, Slack, Telegram, WhatsApp and DignTalk, and use ilert ChatOps features to streamline your incident management process.

Never miss a critical alert from Graylog again

Actionable Alerting

Get notified on multiple channels such as SMS, voice calls, push and Slack and set custom notification rules based on the priority of an alert.

On-call scheduling

ilert offers a flexible scheduling solution that lets you create rotation-based recurring schedules, and static schedules with a calendar like UI.

Alert & on-call analytics

Advanced reporting capabilities give on-call teams insights into all-things on-call and report key metrics like MTTA, MTTR, Time on-call and Time spent on alerts.

Status pages

Establish trust and relay incidents swiftly using status pages integrated with your infrastructure.

How it works




with ilert and send alerts to ilert. See our

integration guide

for instructions.


ilert notifies the right people via SMS, push, and voice calls based on-call schedules and notification preferences.


Responders acknowledge the alert, inform stakeholders and take actions towards resolution.

Expand your incident communication and connect Graylog with these apps using ilert's outbound integrations

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