The difference between MTTA and MTTR explained.

MTTA and MTTR are so-called response metrics, i.e., metrics that measure the response time to a specific event.

In the case of MTTA (Mean Time To Acknowledge), the time is measured that a responder needs to react to an incident or to acknowledge its report and thus confirm the acceptance of the incident. "Mean" additionally describes the average value of all acknowledged incidents within a certain period.

In the case of MTTR (Mean Time To Resolve), the time is measured in which an incident is processed and resolved. "Mean" additionally describes the average value over all resolved incidents in a certain period of time.
Measuring MTTA and MTTR and setting and monitoring certain targets for these metrics helps meet promised SLAs and continuously improve the entire incident response process. MTTA and MTTR are key metrics in reducing outages.

mtta und mttr reports

iLert as an uptime platform offers with its reports convenient possibilities to keep track of MTTA and MTTR in different enterprise levels and flexibly go into detail for specific incidents. Thus, incident response managers, DevOps, and IT teams get their money's worth.

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