The GSM Modem and Pager Alternative

Christian Fröhlingsdorf
April 28, 2021
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Do you use a GSM modem to alert your on-call support using your monitoring tools?

GSM modems are popular solutions to achieve simple on-call alerting with SMS, calls, and pagers, especially in conjunction with monitoring tools such as Nagios or Icinga.

In some countries, for instance, Switzerland, the 2G standard was phased out in 2020. This shift required many M2M applications to be exchanged or upgraded to incorporate a 3G alternative. However, the longevity of 3G remains uncertain, with providers like Swisscom only guaranteeing it until 2024.

Recently, Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom in Germany turned off 3G but intend to keep the 2G network running for the time being.

ilert offers an alternative for GSM modem-based alert calls and SMS with its flexible uptime platform solution, enabling unparalleled on-call management. Here, the monitoring tool, like Nagios or Icinga, is directly integrated with the ilert SaaS platform using an officially supported plugin, eliminating the need for additional hardware.

Are you using pager devices in conjunction with modem hardware? Save the maintenance costs of your own hardware and provide your employees with flexible options to plan and manage their on-call time directly from their smartphones (Android & iOS) with iLert. Save unnecessary costs for hardware, maintenance, and employee devices.

ilert serves as the future-proof alternative to GSM modem-based SMS, call, or pager alerts. Don't wait until your network is phased out or your hardware becomes outdated, and simplify your employees' on-call duties by switching to ilert.

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