What does Workforce Enablement mean?

The needs of your employees have evolved over time and will continue to change in the future. The workplace is becoming increasingly mobile, digital, and personalized. Employees are moving away from traditional workplaces and using their own devices and apps. Furthermore, your employees want to solve their problems as independently as possible. As a result, you must enable your employees to work according to their needs and ensure that this does not pose a problem or obstacle for your company.

The goal of workforce enablement is to increase your employees' satisfaction. Satisfied employees lead to more satisfied customers. This requires a new approach to IT service management. It's crucial that your IT department ensures your employees are happy and have the required equipment to perform their jobs well.

Happier customers through happier employees

Why should a company's goal be to increase employee satisfaction? So, how do you increase employee satisfaction and engagement?

Studies have shown that happier and therefore more productive employees lead to more satisfied customers, which in turn leads to increased revenue. According to Forrester, companies with productive and engaged employees have 81 percent higher customer satisfaction.

So, how do you increase employee satisfaction and engagement?

Three aspects play a particularly significant role in employee satisfaction. First, employees are most satisfied when they feel connected to their work, colleagues, and customers. Another aspect is productivity. If employees feel productive and able to effectively do their job, they are happier. The third aspect is the feeling of being promoted. If your employees feel supported, they believe the company aids them in getting their tasks done and focusing on essential tasks.

When it comes to improving employee satisfaction, ITSM and your IT department play a vital role. By enabling your workforce, they can add direct value to your company. By providing the right service and tools, you'll see improved satisfaction and productivity within your team.

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