Get the best out of StatusCake and Slack with ilert

Reduce downtime by connecting your tech stack with ilert

Connect StatusCake with Slack through ilert for seamless monitoring and communication. Receive instant alerts in Slack when StatusCake detects website issues, ensuring your team can react swiftly to maintain optimal online performance.

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How it works

Connect StatusCake to ilert
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Add Slack to ilert
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Communicate incidents with status pages
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ilert – one tool for the full incident response lifecycle

Manage every stage of the incident response lifecycle in ilert. Prepare, respond, communicate and learn from every incident.

Get ready – incidents happen to everyone in IT

Ensure that, no matter what happens, you are notified immediately—with ilert's reliable alerting

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Acknowledge and respond.

Your team will always be fully prepared with ilert's on-call management solution

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Resolve right from your chat tool

Orchestrate your incident response without leaving Slack or Microsoft Teams

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Prevent the recurrence

In-depth analysis tools and templated post-mortems are essential for learning and building resilience

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Works with the tools you love

Use our native out-of-the box integrations and connect iLert with monitoring, chat, and collaboration tools.

Logic to your liking

Extend iLert and perform custom actions on incidents, e.g. creating a ticket or restarting a server.

Flexible API

Use our Events or Webhooks API to build your own customer integration.

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