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Superpoweryour on-call teams with iLert
on-call teams with iLert

Slack brings your teams together, wherever they are and with iLert your Slack teams can focus on the really important work and react quickly in case of an incident.

If your teams are used to communicate through Slack and you want to bring their on-call duty or alerting experience to another level, integrating the self-service iLert integration for Slack is the best way to go.

Instantly receive important alerts right into the desired chats and help your team stay focussed on valueable work.

Check out our Slack integration guide for detailed instructions on how to integrate Slack with iLert.

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Works with the tools you love

Use our native out-of-the box integrations and connect iLert with monitoring, chat, and collaboration tools.

Logic to your liking

Extend iLert and perform custom actions on incidents, e.g. creating a ticket or restarting a server.

Flexible API

Use our Events or Webhooks API to build your own customer integration.

The native integrations that you need
API Fortress
IBM Cloud Functions
AWS GuardDuty
IXON Cloud